A Month Gone By

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I’m up late again, as I have been for at least a month. Blogging? No, there hasn’t been much of that lately. I have been swamped with Domicile. Yes, my magazine project has taken over my life, and I’m kind of thrilled about it.


DomiCile has been coming together wonderfully over the past month or so because of some lovely ladies in my life who are as passionate as I am about our cause. Creating a magazine that features local and independent businesses is something we all can get behind.

We’ve been writing articles, contacting bloggers, contacting vendors, visiting new places, taking photos, designing, tweeting, instagramming and more for countless hours during the day. There are always ideas flying around and excitement in the air about what we’re going to work on next. It is overwhelmingly amazing… and exhausting.

Check out some of our Instagram photos:




Unfortunately DomiCile leaves me little time to blog. As the founder, there’s so much setup and background work that’s going into producing our first issue that I haven’t been able to take a moment to blog about anything else.

It was yesterday I realized that I haven’t blogged for a whole month. I’m not sure I’ve been that inattentive to this blog in a long time. And I don’t want to, however, until DomiCile is officially up and running I’m not sure I can dedicate much to this. Just being honest.

So for now, I’m putting Under A Peacock Moon on hold. Hopefully closer to November I’ll be able to pick it back up, or at least after November has come and gone. (Our projected launch is Nov. 29th, 2013), otherwise known as D-Day (DomiCile Day).

So please check out everything we’re producing as it comes around.

Currently we’re looking for community submittals including:

Pics of your pets
Pics of things you cooked
Your Local Pins on Pinterest

Til our launch you can follow DomiCile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest on what’s going on with us and what we’re working on. And if you’re interested in getting involved with the production of DomiCile you can email me (tiffanni at DomiCileMag dot com).

If you’d like to be notified when DomiCile launches just let us know and we’ll put your name on our announcement list.

See you in a few months!


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