I’m up late again, as I have been for at least a month. Blogging? No, there hasn’t been much of that lately. I have been swamped with Domicile. Yes, my magazine project has taken over my life, and I’m kind of thrilled about it.


DomiCile has been coming together wonderfully over the past month or so because of some lovely ladies in my life who are as passionate as I am about our cause. Creating a magazine that features local and independent businesses is something we all can get behind.

We’ve been writing articles, contacting bloggers, contacting vendors, visiting new places, taking photos, designing, tweeting, instagramming and more for countless hours during the day. There are always ideas flying around and excitement in the air about what we’re going to work on next. It is overwhelmingly amazing… and exhausting.

Check out some of our Instagram photos:




Unfortunately DomiCile leaves me little time to blog. As the founder, there’s so much setup and background work that’s going into producing our first issue that I haven’t been able to take a moment to blog about anything else.

It was yesterday I realized that I haven’t blogged for a whole month. I’m not sure I’ve been that inattentive to this blog in a long time. And I don’t want to, however, until DomiCile is officially up and running I’m not sure I can dedicate much to this. Just being honest.

So for now, I’m putting Under A Peacock Moon on hold. Hopefully closer to November I’ll be able to pick it back up, or at least after November has come and gone. (Our projected launch is Nov. 29th, 2013), otherwise known as D-Day (DomiCile Day).

So please check out everything we’re producing as it comes around.

Currently we’re looking for community submittals including:

Pics of your pets
Pics of things you cooked
Your Local Pins on Pinterest

Til our launch you can follow DomiCile on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest for the latest on what’s going on with us and what we’re working on. And if you’re interested in getting involved with the production of DomiCile you can email me (tiffanni at DomiCileMag dot com).

If you’d like to be notified when DomiCile launches just let us know and we’ll put your name on our announcement list.

See you in a few months!


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Country Living - Sept '13 Cover1

Country Living Magazine has announced their House of the Year for 2013. The home is located in Breezy Point, NY, a location that was one of the hardest hit during Hurrican Sandy. The beach bungalow home was ruined by floodwater and wind from the storm and had to be rebuilt.


Country Living - HOY Before 3

Country Living - HOY Before 2

The homeowner Marian Lizzi had the fortune of being selected by Country Living as only their second House of the Year to be a real home (not a show house). The homeowner’s other fortune was in working with designer Emily Henderson (LOVE!) and having her newly remodeled home featured in Country Living Magazine for the September 2013 issue. While some might say Sandy was a blessing in disguise, I’m sure Marian would have rather not lost whatever possessions were destroyed in the storm.

Country Living - HOY Living Room_

Country Living - HOY Bathroom

Her one bedroom, one bath is renewed and gorgeous. The shades of mint and teal as well as the new bathroom portray the seaside feeling the home was meant to have, and the lightness leaves an airy and open feeling to the 1,000 sqft home.

Country Living - HOY Bedroom_


To take the tour visit this link for Country Living.

All images courtesy of Country Living/Alec Hemer

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Last weekend we attended the wedding in Canandaigua, New York, the reception was in Geneva. Since the hub is from there (and was in the wedding) we drove the 6.5 hours up to spend time with family and friends in addition to the wedding festivities.

We left at 4:30am on Friday and headed up through central Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York. The ride was gorgeous, and while familiar, I felt it was one of the nicer days we had seen in our travels.

photo 9


As we approached Naples, NY we started seeing views of Canandaigua Lake. Gorgeous.

photo 1

photo 5

Oh to own a lake house


Friday I got to spend some time with my friend Steph and we took a walk down memory lane stopping in at La Tea Da, a Rochester Tea House, and trying out some of their new cupcakes. We shared one because it was almost 5″ in diameter.

photo 7

photo 8


The wedding was on Saturday afternoon and after a lot of running around and almost being late I made it. Phew! The ceremony was lovely, and while I didn’t take any photos, I’ll be sure to add one when they start popping up online.

The couple are such lovely people, and had the hub and I not moved around so much prior to settling in Maryland he may never have met the groom. Perhaps you’ve heard of him, or seen them. Their proposal video has over 344,000 views YouTube.


Needless to say there were trucks with their sirens going off when the couple processed after the ceremony.

photo 10


While driving from Canandaigua to the reception in Geneva, NY, I caught sight of a major unexpected stop along my route. Red Jacket Orchards. If you haven’t had their juice you are missing out and I command you head to a Whole Foods or a New York City farmer’s market to get some. Seriously. Now. Go!

photo 2

After pulling a quick right and going into this cute store I was surprised to learn that the original farm stand had been located right across the street from where the building stands today. Sadly a Walmart stands there now. However, the orchards for Red * Jacket are still behind the Walmart, behind the Red * Jacket store and several places nearby in Geneva. Also down the dirt road beside the store you can find the actual juicing plant. I wish I had been able to see inside of there; because while I’m embarrassed to say it, this may have been the highlight of the trip for me. I absolutely love them!


When I arrived in downtown Geneva it was about to rain, but I caught of glimpse of the Keuka lake before my windshield was covered in drops.

photo 3


The reception was lovely, lots of laughs and good times. The bride and groom decided that in lieu of traditional favors they would donate money to charities close to their hearts. Love!

photo 6

photo 4


Sunday we spent our last hours in Rochester running errands and spending time with family. My sister in law and her husband have me now obsessed with acquiring a hummingbird feeder. I could have sat and watched them all day.


Yet another wonderful trip to Rochester. See you at the holidays!


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In the blogging world there’s a lot of talk of sponsors. Sponsored posts, sponsored ads, sponsors in your sidebars, (and sometimes your headers and footers), because that’s how bloggers make money, (well at least one way). But what about our personal sponsors? You know, those that don’t pay us, we pay them.

Everyone has them, they’re the stores you go in the most, the brands you usually buy, and the things you splurge on, (or spend money you really shouldn’t be spending on).

Mine are pretty obvious if you read this blog:





So while taking a trip up to central New York for a wedding this past weekend, (and spending 6.5 hours in the car), I found myself explaining to the hub that I have sponsors, and that those are the places that given the choice between waiting for the next exit to stop and stopping right now, I’ll always wait for. He thinks this notion is fairly hilarious, but to me it makes perfect sense. These are the places I feel I most regularly receive a quality product that I enjoy and don’t feel like I just wasted my money on. They’re also the places I frequent when I’m out running errands at home, or most recently when we were moving, they were where I went if cooking just didn’t seem like something I had energy for.

My road sponsors include:







While some of these might not be the most healthy or frugally sound places, they are the ones who I give my money to. Do I have preferences within them, of course, who wouldn’t? But will I wait 20 more minutes if it’s between these and McDonalds/Burger King or Taco Bell, you bet!

So, who are your sponsors?

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Just over a month ago I wrote a post about Hone. Then a week ago I received an email about Tile. While they were clearly being developed in parallel, Tile takes the idea behind Hone and runs with it. Rather, knocks it out of the park.

The idea of being able to track anything isn’t a new one, nor one that hadn’t been developed for other purposes yet. But could Tile be the evolutionary step between us finding something we want and us being able to be found? One can only hope not.

According to Tile you can locate anything just by placing their tile on an object and tracking it with their app; (one can see how this could get out of hand). You can also share your tracking with others for shared objects. Obviously this seems like a great idea for tracking objects, but when does Tile get approached by a larger company wanting to place tiles in children’s shoes for “safety reasons”. This is the kind of technology that actually scares me. Didn’t you see Minority Report? Next thing you know we’ll have to have our eyeballs taken out… but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Tile for the time being sounds like a great idea. I would definitely put one on my keys, my wallet, my purse, my cats, and my husband. Just kidding, my cats don’t wear collars. (Love you Dear). And really isn’t this the solution for all things? Cars in a huge parking lot, important documents, your house when you’re too drunk to direct your DD home… not that I ever need that, but you get my point. It all sounds wonderful and for under $20 for the app who can beat it? But would I want to be tracked? Never. So let’s keep an eye on this progression, shall we? I’m not looking forward to switching eyeballs with anyone anytime soon.

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I’m feeling pretty embarrassed right now. Why?

Well, to be honest, I went to a few blogging conferences this year (all of which I was a newbie to) and I have done less this year with my blog than all years prior. This to me is a serious issue.

So while I can sit back and make excuses for myself (moving, magazine project, life in general) I really feel like I’ve been slacking. Every few weeks I go on my blog and I’ll have a spurt of pretty regular posts, and then I’ll seemingly disappear for a few weeks (and sometimes longer). To be frank, I’m an overly emotional person and blogging is something I do for fun, and something that through the writing process really relaxes me. I try to keep that something protected away from the rest of my crazy life. Unfortunately that also means neglecting my blog for sometimes weeks at a time. Because honestly, this really wouldn’t be the kind of blog I’d want anyone reading if it was all based on my emotional baggage. (I have a tumblr for that sort of thing).

Thus today I’m putting baggage aside and posting something. I’ve been working on a lot of projects around the new house (we’re almost out of our boxes), had a friend in town, and obviously celebrated the 4th of july (regarding this I must appologize to my sister Jordan since I mismanaged posting her 4th of july post, and will backdate that to appear tomorrow). So  I have some snippets to share of the live I’ve been living off-blog. Plus hopefully I’ll get back to posting; it’s just like riding a bike, right?


This is the project I’ve been working on for my house. Painting my Thomas O’Brien bookshelf (again) this time in gold. I’m so excited for this to be complete so I can work on some bookshelf styling in my new office. Obviously finished pics to come.


I’ve also been spending time identifying plants that were already at the new place. Thanks for everyone’s help via facebook, twitter and instagram for their assistance. As a veggie gardener I’m embarrassed to say I know very little about flowers.


No movement on the raised bed plan for now, just this sketch.


Almost finished getting rid of the fabric books I no longer have space for. The ones from Kravet were unreasonably hard to find out how to return. But thank God my trunk will be empty soon.


4th of July was a lot of fun. It was the first time we had visitors over who weren’t helping us move boxes and the first time my husband and I saw the fireworks together in Maryland.


Having my best friend visit from LA was awesome. We rarely see each other on the east coast and she’s only been to DC once. That was a great time, and of course we had to get some macaroons. Plus we got to hang with our other friend who lives in DC. It was like being back at school. Ah memories…


Not sure why this came out so badly but when a stranger takes your picture you don’t ask for a million shots.


Over this past weekend we had a birthday party for the matriarch of my family. My great aunt turned 87! You’d never know it because she is so lively. I love her to bits and as my grandma’s only living sibling out of the original 12 I really treasure all the time I have with them.


So, this is me trying to, as usual get back on track with blogging. Hopefully one of these days it sticks.



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Hello readers! I know that it’s been a long time no blog for me but I’m back and ready to discuss this week’s wedding trend- July fourth weddings! The Fourth may have already passed, but it’s always appropriate to add a little American flavor to your special day. The joy of going All-American for your wedding is nothing short of exciting. Fireworks to end your special day, red and blue apparel for the bridal party to coordinate with your white dress, you could even get creative and have apple pie instead of wedding cake (yum!). Even though the Fourth isn’t my favorite holiday, I have to admit sharing your wedding day with Uncle Sam does not sound awful. As always I have attached a few photos to give you all some inspiration on how to make your nuptials as patriotically passionate as possible. Enjoy these fun ideas and until next time.

Style on!













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I’m definitely still coming down from the long 4th of July weekend and when I came across these Lupen Grainne photographs on Etsy, they struck me as quintessentially summer.






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After four trips to New York this year they’ve of course gotten something shiny and new right after I’m done traveling until at least the fall.


The new maps for pedestrians in New York are something that have been a long time coming. Seriously, why in the busiest city in the country could we not get a map above ground? I’m not sure if we have CitiBike to thank, but I’ve been wondering this many times as I wander from neighborhood to neighborhood looking for a subway that goes the way I want it to or what the quickest way back to my bus is. Most of us [visitors (and actually residents too)] run around NYC with our heads down in our phones following Google maps and hoping our cell service doesn’t cut out, all the while running our batteries down. Well no longer.


The new above ground maps show you the street layout where you are IN THE DIRECTION YOU’RE FACING – just like a GPS map. (Tell me why all street maps don’t do this?) That means that when the maps are mounted they have to have multiples printed depending on what side of the sign you’re standing. This is seriously genius. Of course being in NYC these signs will be prone to vandalism, so I’m hoping they’re under bullet-proof glass to stop kids from smashing them with anything fun to throw.


Also of note, a new version of Helvetica was designed solely for these maps. (Yes, New York is THAT fancy). They also had some custom icons designed for their most precious landmarks, including the new Freedom Tower.



Now if DC and New York could just get signs OUTSIDE the subway stops telling you how soon the next trains were pulling in that station we’d be caught up to the 21st century technology.


all images via Fast Company

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Last week I was M.I.A. for two good reasons.

1. We haven’t had internet or tv for two weeks because of the moving process.

2. We were moving, cleaning, painting, and praying and we are officially out of the old place! Thank GOD!


So this is my first post from the new house and my new office. I’m ecstatic and exhausted. I thought I’d just share a state of the garden today. No digging has happened in the new back yard yet, but the plants are having a good time being constantly watered in this humid summer rain schedule we’re having in Maryland.


I’m eating lettuce from the garden all week for lunch and loving it! I need new stakes for my tomatoes, and when they start coming in I’ll have almost a full lunch just from the backyard. Amazing!


That’s all I have the energy to report today. Have a wonderful week!

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