An Inspired Dark and Moody Tablescape

Since I’ve been full time daydreaming about moving to a home we haven’t even found yet, of course I’ve been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. I’ve been canvassing my business account (this one) to find ideas for my personal account where I keep all of my design dreams for our home.


Lately I’ve been feeling inclined to paint a room black, and while at one point I definitely went through a phase where you could have easily referred to me as Lydia Deetz, I pretty much outgrew that in the 9th grade. I keep finding these images though that pull me back into thinking that a dark room is the best room, and that all I need is a moody palate to feel more creative.


One room in particular keeps coming back to me.



[I’m citing Pinterest as my source because my actual source didn’t have the link correct on her page. ]


When I see this image it makes me think of how amazing it would be to have a dark dining room. Dining by candlelight would be even more romantic in a dark room, and metallic accents would look amazing in there. Now, what would complete the look? A dark tablescape. Something like these:



via This is Glamourous (via Elle Decoration)



via 100 Layer Cake



via 100 Layer Cake



via Dwell Beautiful



via Muna Luchi Bridal



via Style Me Pretty



via 100 Layer Cake



via SheBlog



via Smitten Studio

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My 9 Favorite Ornaments

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We’re “those people”, the ones waiting in the line at the mall for the personalized ornaments.


My mom started us off young and its a tradition I can’t seem to let go of. The hub and I were given personalized ornaments as gifts and so were our cats, Jazz, Blues and Rhythm.


A few years ago I started my own tradition of giving ornaments to my sisters for their one-day trees. And while these personal gifts don’t necessarily remind me of Christmases past, but they do remind me of the love I felt when gifting them.



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10 Holiday Treats

Each year I daydream about making holiday treats continuously, and each year I’m torn on what to make. If I could, I would bake all of these holiday treats. Unfortunately the cost of butter, flour and sugar just doesn’t allow for such things, so I’ll only get to make 2 or 3 over the entire holiday season. Plus making more means eating more, and that’s not something I want to exactly let myself do.

Pinterest is both a help and a hinderance to my holiday treat making, both because there is an endless array of treats to choose from and because there’s an endless array of things to choose from. So this year I’ve narrowed it down to 10 possibilies:


A Chocolate Peppermint Bundt Cake






Chalkboard Sugar Cookies



Peppermint Pretzel Candy




Sparkling Cranberry Brie Bites



Pretzel Chocolate Chip Cookies



Peppermint Popcorn Bark



Hot Cocoa Cookies



Copycat Starbucks Cranberry Bliss Bars



Candy Cane Marshmallows



This post is part of my 2014 #12DaysofChristmas countdown. Want to join in the countdown? Send me a message and I’ll give you my planned lineup.


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My Top 11 Favorite Christmas Songs

Despite the fact that some radio stations begin playing Christmas music in November (some even before Thanksgiving), I try not to listen to any holiday music until December 1st. I figure one month is just enough time to enjoy an ultra-saturated genre where most of the songs are the same but sung by different artists. There’s only so many versions of Santa Claus is Coming to Town that a girl can take.


My favorite Christmas songs also tend to be on the slower and sometimes sadder side, with the occasional upbeat jingle. There’s just something about the cold weather, the snowfall and being bundled up constantly that makes me feel a bit blue. Maybe it’s that in the winter I feel like I’m constantly tearing up anyway due to the windchill.


I thought this year as part of my 12 Days of Christmas countdown I would share some of my favorite Christmas songs with those who read my blog in case you’re looking for some new (old) hits to add to your Christmas playlist.


What are your favorite Christmas songs?


My 11 Favorite Christmas Songs by Tiffanní on Grooveshark


This post is part of my 2014 #12DaysofChristmas countdown. Want to join in the countdown? Send me a message and I’ll give you my planned lineup.


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12 Things That Made My Christmas Wish List


In an effort to start blogging more in my downtime from DomiCile I’ve decided to do a little 12 Days of Christmas countdown for myself. Tonight I’m choosing to share 12 things that made my christmas wish list this year. They’re in no particular order, but definitely things I’d love to have, some completely within reach, and some definitely way beyond. That’s what makes it a wish list though, right?


Hampton Forge Paris Hammered Copper Titanium 20-piece Flatware Set

I’d love to have this flatware because it’s copper, obviously my favorite metal, but also because we’ve been married for 5 years and we’re still using our multi-colored silverware from Target that’s finally starting to rust. And no one wants to eat rust.




Neewer® 5 in 1 Portable Square 43” Inch/110cm Multi Camera Lighting Reflector/Diffuser Kit with Grip and Carrying Case

These reflectors are a much needed addition to the DomiCile creative department tool set. I’m fairly tired of affixing a thick shower curtain to my window with tape. And why square? Well I’m hoping the square ones will be easier to balance on my own against things while not rolling out of place.




1 lb bag of Caribe Tea from Harney & Sons

The Harney & Sons Caribe blend continues to be my absolute favorite tea. I’m not sure what it is, but this blend is the most calming and somehow awakening tea I’ve ever enjoyed. I’ve received the bags as gifts before but they barely lasted a month. I figure I can at least stretch a pound bag for 45 days.




Run DMV Shirt from Route One Apparel

This is definitely one of my favorite D.C. local items so I knew I had to add it to the list. Route One Apparel is one of those websites that somehow invokes all of my Maryland pride and makes me want things like 80’s style Maryland flag sunglasses for no reason. Plus who doesn’t love a good play on words.




Eye-Fi Wireless SD Card

Another tool for the DomiCile toolkit, this has got to be the coolest item to have on the go for a photoshoot and in the “studio”. Why not take all of your instagram shots in hi-definition? I’m curious about how often I’ll need to delete what’s on the card and if there’s a way to control which images get sent to my phone, but the fact that any will be is so cool.




Nikon 35mm f/1.4G AF-S FX SWM Nikkor Lens for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Definitely the most expensive and out of reach gift on my list, this Nikon lens is truly amazing. The whole DomiCile Winter Gift Guide was shot with it in the Canon version and I’ve been lusting after that aperture ever since.




Converse Chuck Taylor Leather in Black

As you might know I have these in navy. They are my absolute favorite Chucks, and I’m always looking for more in leather. This black pair will look awesome, and expand my tennis shoe versatility. I’m currently working downsizing my Saucony collection so I’ll definitely be in need another pair of kicks.




Microdry® Bath Towel

These Microdry bath towels are my favorite. They’re a little pricey, but they last and stay fluffy which is really ideal. We originally asked for them as wedding gifts and that original pair have lasted for 5 years. Each year I ask for one or two more, which gives us enough for guests and for at least two to always be dirty.




WD My Passport Ultra 2TB Portable External USB 3.0 Hard Drive with Auto Backup – Blue

This external hard drive is the first one I’ve had with absolutely no issues. I got one in black when the very first issue of DomiCile was released because my computer was about to quit on me with all of the memory I was using up. I’m asking for another one in blue so I can back up even more data as my other two hard drives are already full.




Pinzon Hemstitch 400-Thread-Count Egyptian Cotton Sateen Sheet Set, Queen, Plum

We have one set of these Pinzon sheets already, and they’re definitely my favorite. Cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and soft. Another set would be just lovely.




Fiskars Gold Handle Knife Edge Bent Shears 8″

When I was working on my largest sewing project so far, a long satin skirt that I’ve already gotten two uses out of since October, I realized that the scissors I had were simply not meant for sewing. My scissors weren’t sharp or angled enough for easy cuts. These gold scissors will not only be perfect as they’re made by Fiskars, but they’ll photograph beautifully.




Eat More Bok Choy by Debra Studio

I can’t always justify purchasing a tee in the winter, but I’d really love to get into this piece of awesome artwork. This Eat More Bok Choy shirt from Debra Studio (otherwise known as my best friend Debra) is going to be perfect for spring, and any time before then when I can layer it with something a bit warmer. Definitely worth a special spot on the wish list.




So what are you asking for this year?


This post is part of my 2014 #12DaysofChristmas countdown. Want to join in the countdown? Send me a message and I’ll give you my planned lineup.



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